birchbox, the beginning.

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July 14, 2013 by girlonthefloor

returned from vacation at the beach to a pink box in the mailbox. my very first birchbox.

nice, solid brown cardboard box, with birchbox logo printed in white. very modern, very no frills, yet chic. since i’m a whore for boxes, i’m immediately psyched i can reuse this box. hot pink tissue paper, crisply folder over the goodies. the interior is lined with a nice black and white chevron pattern. i’m digging this scene.

this month’s theme is power play. “dedicated to helping you take control of any situation, and make the most of every minute”. then some nice cross marketing with some tv show on usa. ok. i’m never going to watch that. bring on the beauty bounty!

eyeko, london skinny liquid eyeliner in purple. sweet. i’m always looking for a good liner. purple is one of my go to colors. plus, it’s full size. so far, so good.

oooohhhh. a .17 oz sample of hello flawless by benefit. i’ve been wanting to try this but i’m always hesitant with foundations as i’ve had a string of bad relationships. not the right color. once you put it on it’s gone in 2 hours. looks cakey. looks runny. weird texture. ugh. color seems like it will work. good freakin’ deal. there is also a card telling me about their stay flawless 15 hour primer, and on the back a scratch and score. scratch and find out which deluxe mini i can get for free when i purchase a full size benefit product. well, if i like this foundation that may come in handy. next!

kerastase chroma captive treatment for color treated hair by l’oreal.  this will be excellent to try as i must keep my ombre from getting brassy.

marcelle bb cream golden glow. i am obsessed with bb creams, and an addiction to cc creams is currently bubbling. “illuminate your skin with a touch of gold” ok!!

another advertising card telling me about the characters on said usa tv show, plus a list of “power players” cosmetics that they would wear. that means nothing to me.

last but not least, birchbox bobby pins. they are super cute. white with a green geometric design. i can revisit my past incarnation as a 90’s punk/riot grrrl. i can hang out with courtney love, drink pots of tea and talk about trent reznor.

for my first box i’m pleased. $10 a month and i get a present in the mail. i’m on board. i’ll try all these products and let you know what i think.


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